About Us

 Haight Ashbury is
Mark Watson creator of AE Music Studios, producer and musician, and
Tatiana singer-songwriter and musician.
Mark is also keyboardist for the "Alan Turner Band" 
Tatiana was keyboardist/lead vocalist for "RH Factor" & "Ridgemont High" She was also
vocalist with "Norma Jean Bell & the All Stars" & "Tatiana & the Rude Boys".
Tatiana also won the Dueling Divas Contest in Metro Detroit
This twosome joins forces to create a big sound and huge impact.
Both keyboard players and singers, this combo has traveled the world playing their originals and
covers from groups like Beatles, Stevie Nicks, ELO, and others.
Mark has released a catalog of music ( www.marklwatsonmusic.com ), producing other artists as well as his
bandmate Tatiana's "Forevermore".